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Your customers’ data is constantly changing. At KEYERS-net, we take care of the validation and enrichment of your database, so you can work with the most up-to-date customer data.

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“For a commercial mailing we recently conducted, we decided to have our marketing data cleaned up first by KEYERS-net. Even though what we were offering was about the same, we received 60% more conversions on this mailing than on the ones before.”
One of our customers, who runs a clothing company.

Validating & Enriching Your Data

Creating a database is one thing, cleaning up and maintaining a database is another. Your customers’ data are constantly changing. After all, a lot of things can change in a person’s life. Is someone single or living together? Is the address still correct? And, what about the telephone numbers? Are they complete? KEYERS-net knows exactly how to deal with incomplete and outdated databases. We take care of the validation and the enrichment of your data, so your customer data will be up to date again.

Database Cleaning: The Benefits

  • a better insight into your customer base;
  • a better alignment between your sales initiatives and the needs of your customers;
  • a better conversion of your campaigns.
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Data, Our Passion

Hanneke Bos, owner KEYERS-net:

I will go the extra mile to surprise our customers with our solutions, work speed, consultancy and customer focus. Always with our motto in mind: “Why not just exceed all expectations while we’re at it!”

All data entry personnel has successfully completed training and testing before they started with us. After this we continue to invest in them in order to guarantee speed, quality and reliability.